About Global Wholeness

Global Wholeness Corp., a 501c3

Ronna Prince formed Global Wholeness Corp (GWC) in 2009 to support her vision of creating a whole and healed earth upon which human beings can find deeper connection, harmony and peace. 

Global Wholeness Corp is a non-profit with a mission to educate people in bringing healing and wholeness to themselves, our communities, and the whole earth through the power of love.

Global Wholeness is funded by individual and corporate-sponsored tax-deductible donations. Currently, contributions and sponsorships to our organization are used for film related purposes as well as direct charitable giving to qualified individuals and groups with projects that support healing and connection in the heart. The distribution of contributions are aimed at supporting the projects of people in the film as well as other projects that align with a whole and healed earth. 

Projects earmarked for funding include the Global Coherence Initiative, specifically to raise funds to place a coherence sensor in Hawaii, in honor of Auntie Nahi, a native Hawaiian who passed away shortly after providing the initial kahuna blessing for our entire project in June 2009. 

We are also raising funds for Larry Running Turtle Salazar’s project. Larry appears in the film and speaks inspirationally about hope about today being the beginning of forever. Larry’s dream is to erect a memorial in Oklahoma commemorating the graves of his Native American ancestors desecrated by others.

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Please contact us to recommend additional projects that Global Wholeness should consider supporting in the future.

GWC also supports initiatives and participation toward international travel on organized and ongoing trips, Sacred Journeys, which can take groups or individuals to sacred sites around the world. 

The initial Sacred Journey took place in the UK in 2009 and was led by Ronna Prince. Other trips included Sacred Journeys to Mexico, Egypt and Peru. 

In Peru in 2011, a group of Sacred Journeyers joined Peruvian guide Jorge Luis Delgado, author of “Andean Awakening”, and toured the sacred sites of Peru. As part of this tour, the group visited an orphanage in Lima and donated toys and food.  Participants shared time together hearing about the children’s lives, enjoying their songs and just spending some time together.

Global Wholeness provides scholarships for international travel for people to attend these trips based on two main criteria:

1) Desire to act as ambassadors of goodwill and

2) Financial need

Ronna believes whole-heartedly in global ambassadorship having herself acted an ambassador for Rotary International, speaking to groups throughout France as a graduate scholar. 

For information about available scholarships, please contact


More about Larry Running Turtle’s Dream: Southwest Texas Alliance of Indigenous People

Larry Running Turtle is raising funds to construct a monument commemorating the historical burial places of native people in the American Southwest. Many of the historical burial grounds have been disturbed with artifacts removed or destroyed. It is Larry's dream to erect a statue to honor the ancestral burial sites of native peoples.