Sacred Journey Stories

The story below is written by a special participant and journalist that took a Sacred Journey with us to Glastonbury.

"The Magic that is Glastonbury", by Corinne L. Casazza

We came together in the lush, green English countryside with our guides, Ronna Prince and Dr. Donald Backstrom for a sacred journey to heal our own hearts and the heart of Mother Earth. As our group of 27 pilgrims stood looking out at Cadbury Castle, we didn’t know what fears we’d walk through and what else we might discover along the way.

 “Every day on the trip was perfectly planned. We had exactly what we needed on the journey,” says Audrey Weitzman.  “For example, it was no accident we were at Cadbury Castle the first day. This was where King Arthur trained his knights. A journey of healing requires courage to see your shadow side and release it with honesty and non-judgment.

 “On this trip of healing my heart, I realized my pain was not about others loving me, but about me not loving myself. This hit home in a way I’ve never felt it before. It’s a deep core issue that surfaced completely on this trip,” says Weitzman.

One of my own core issues surfaced as well – that of personal safety. I learned about this journey when Ronna hired me to write about it. Once I saw the itinerary, I knew I needed to go. I offered my services as a journalist and joined the group. I had no idea my sojourn would start before I even left the ground.

Ronna’s pre-trip information talked about the intensity of the energy we’d experience and that we had a chance to really trust and move forward. These words provided strength I didn’t know I’d need. My trip began with my outgoing flight catching fire on the runway. We had to evacuate down the slides. I’ve had a life-long fear of flying and walking through this fear required an immense amount of trust.

I was amazed at how calmly I exited the plane. It was surreal; as if my Higher Self had taken over entirely. I got up and headed into the stream of panicked people pushing toward the doors. It seemed like the line moved seamlessly and I only saw two people exit the plane before it was my turn.

I stood for an instant looking down the huge slide. I’ve also suffered from a fear of heights. I had no fear now; instead, I knew I was safe. The flight attendant yelled, “Jump,” and I did. I reached the bottom with only a scraped elbow and ran away from the smoking plane. The next day I boarded another international flight still trusting. Literally, trial by fire.

My trial continued in the U.K. While walking down Glastonbury Tor, a bull decided to get up close and personal with me. Donald got between the bull and me, but the animal was determined to give me his message. After Donald pushed him away, he came back. I saw him lower his head at me and I knew what that meant. I knew he was going to hit me. I also knew I’d be fine.

He did butt me (pretty gently) in my sacral chakra. As a Taurus, I was meeting myself on the path. As a writer, I felt it was a little boost to my creativity. For me, this whole trip was an exercise in knowing I am safe in every moment no matter what external circumstances look like – the perfect message for me.

My safe passage to healing brings me to Stonehenge. This power spot was one of the highlights of the trip for many attendees. Ronna arranged for us to have private time there at sunrise. The feeling of being inside that ancient stone circle is inexplicable. The sun came up and the wind stopped blowing just long enough for us to do our work there.

We chanted and toned to specific configurations of the sacred geometries in the circle. The energy was different with each intention we held. The harmonics reverberated through the rocks and among all of us. The vibrations were palpable as our tones bounced back and forth off the rocks and around our circle.

A lesser known site provided a powerful experience for Joyce Hailey of Sedona, Arizona. “Okay, I expected to feel something at Stonehenge, and it was great to be in the circle as part of a group there, but Woodhenge was a complete surprise. I’d never heard of it. The energy there was so strong it was physically moving me as it swirled around. I had to bend my knees to accommodate that energy!”

Others in the group, like Pamela Butters of Sedona also transmuted fear, “I walked through one of my biggest fears on this trip -- financial survival. Doing what you really love and what you’re passionate about, versus what you’re told you need to do to make a living.”

Butters says she, “had to let go of that common fear and step out in faith that things would work out if I followed the truth of my heart. When I said ‘boo’ to the ghost, all that was left was the joy of having an opportunity to do something that’s more in tune with what resonates with me. That was my biggest fear – moving through all the old stories I’ve been told of the way things have to be, to all the possibilities that exist if I let go of the rail.”

Our only traveler from the United Kingdom found her life purpose and an end to separation, “Through my sharing on this trip and by researching the history of the UK, I came to realize that ‘Journey to the Sacred Heart’ is what I am to do – my life’s work that I had been searching for,” says Eulinda Ogiste.

She continues, “I moved beyond separation consciousness and embraced England fully, for the first time, not as a British subject of African-Caribbean descent, but as one with its heart. I was able to feel and merge with its original primeval native consciousness and its intuitive astronomers and astrologers as I walked through its many sacred ancient sites. It was great immersing myself and feeling that Oneness with Gaia’s heart. When we let go of our story (the negativity, stereotypes etc) and fears, we come to the conscious realization that all Life is One.”

Here’s what Audrey Weitzman had to say about the sojourn as a whole, “Everything exceeded my expectations. I can’t say enough about Ronna and Donald, they are amazing! They created a container of safety and compassion from their desire for healing themselves and others. Everyone was held beautifully. They have a real purity of intention of people healing themselves and the planet.”

So, if you’d like to feel the presence of the Divine, bring up core issues for healing, walk through life-long fears, and find your life’s purpose, Ronna and Donald’s sacred journeys are just the ticket.