How to Take the Personal Journey

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Your Personal Heart Journey

Sacred Journey of the Heart Guidebook (COMING SOON in our store)

This workbook follows the format of the film in 7 chapters, giving you tools and techniques to dive in and tune in to your personal Heart Journey. Using the concept of a spiral, each chapter takes you deeper into your heart. At the end of the Guidebook, you will feel heart-enlightened and inspired with your own heart’s wisdom!

Sacred Journey of the Heart 1 Day Workshop (COMING SOON in our store)

Join filmmakers Ronna Prince and Dr. Donald Backstrom for a one day workshop where you will dive in to practice heart-opening techniques aimed at gently moving into connection with your heart-based feelings. Demonstrating the technology of HeartMath®, you'll see the award winning emWave®2 and feel what heart coherence is all about.  Ronna and Donald will guide you through several inner journeys throughout the day as you learn to tune-in easily and open to a new way of being.

Sacred Journey of the Heart Weekend Workshop (COMING SOON in our store)

A deeper journey from Friday evening at 7 pm to Sunday afternoon, ending at 2 pm. Ronna and Donald will facilitate small group and individual experiential exercises to expand into your personal heart journey. The weekend begins with viewing the film and engaging in a heart-based discussion with the filmmakers.  Saturday and Sunday activities include Anchoring in Your Hearts Desires, Feelings without Fear, a 360 Degree meditation, (the technique Ronna describes in the film) and Dr. Backstrom’s latest health recommendations to support your wellness goals.  Feel lighter, freer and empowered to fully live in the heart!