Take A Sacred Journey

A Special Message from Ronna

With the business of life and the demands of every day living, one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to take time away from every day life and make room for our own heart's expansion.

A sacred sites trip has a unique rhythm that awards participants the time to go deep within the heart, to feel, to connect and contemplate a new way of being. We allow time on the trip to go within and relax, to listen deeply and to connect with people and the landscape in a new way. Take the time for yourself to journey into your heart. You will thank yourself and be forever transformed. - Ronna

Ronna Prince has been leading groups to sacred sites for many years. She has traveled with friends and clients to Sedona, AZ, Cahokia, IL, Egypt, Peru, Mexico and Glastonbury, UK.

Check back for anouncements of upcoming trips!