Join filmmaker Ronna Prince, writer/director of "Sacred Journey of the Heart" for a powerful Radical Forgiveness Ceremony!

Ronna will lead you through a mostly non-verbal, non-invasive process to release guilt and resentment. This is a special opportunity to move beyond grief, blame and hurt feelings and into a place of gratititude and liberation!

People often report a miraculous event following this release and a new sense of freedom.

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3 Steps to Heart-Centered Healthy Living

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General Program Information

Advance preparation recommended**
Dr. Donald Backstrom, chiropractic physician, nutritional expert and acupuncturist and Ronna Prince, founder of Modern Mastery, Intuitive Counselor, HeartMath Provider and Radical Forgiveness Coach, guide you through a “Springboard to Wellness” to empower you to proactively take charge of your health from a truly integrative foundation.  Focusing on teachings from the film’s experts as well as their own practices in holistic health care,  Donald and Ronna will offer personalized and group sessions that will help you create a step-by-step action plan to live in a heart-centered and healthy way. Highlights of the program include a health assessment from Dr. Backstrom, HeartMath concepts and practice, the 360 degree heart-review and radical forgiveness introduction and practice.

Dr. Backstrom and Ronna combine their skills to provide clients with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing experiences that will lead to powerful transformation.


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** Advance Preparation: Medical Records, Consent and Release form, Health and Wellness Forms; Personal Wellness goals. Optional but recommended prior to event:  Salivary Hormone Testing through Dr. Backstrom’s office to measure adrenal function and hormonal health. Please contact the office for more information: 630-790-2440


Sacred Sites Journeys

Join Ronna Prince on a sacred journey to Malta.  Visit the Maltese Neolithic sites , the oldest temples on the planet. These appear to be representations of Mother Earth, the Living Goddess. As we walk inside of the temples, we enter our own sacred space, to emerge reborn and re-engergized! Ronna has led sacred sites journeys to Glastonbury, UK, The Mayan sites of Mexico, Egypt and Peru. For information, contact Ronna at Modern Mastery.


Modern Mastery Programs

Journey into your heart with Ronna Prince, Founder of Modern Mastery™. Within the film Ronna Prince presents two of her Modern Mastery techniques; Acceptance and the 360 degree  approach. Ronna provides individual introductory sessions as well as a variety of program offerings to guide you on your heart’s journey to expansion and heart-based communication.  Her programs include her own proprietary Modern Mastery programs, certified coaching of Radical Forgiveness techniques, and Institute of HeartMath® programs.  Click here to connect to Modern Mastery website.