Inspirations & Journeys

In this section, we share true inspirational stories from those choosing to live within their hearts.

The stories shared reflect life changing moments that range from the big “aha’s” or the little things happening along the way that confirm we are all connected by the heart.


“Dreams Do Come True in the Heart”, by Ronna Prince

Sometimes an inspirational heart-moment is triggered by something so small that if we’re not looking, we might just step over it and miss it altogether.

One special heart-moment I experienced recently was represented within a shiny silver quarter on the pavement when I was attending a HeartMath® training and certification seminar in Boulder Creek, California during one of the most intense Santa Ana wind storms in decades.

As a result of the winds, the power was out in the hotel I had originally reserved so I had to scramble to find other lodgings. Rooms were filling up fast, as the power outage was extensive and was expected to last for several days, so I ended up in a hotel on the Pacific Ocean called “Dream Inn” so I decided to just go with the flow.

The next morning when I went out for a run on the pier I discovered that the Santa Cruz Boardwalk was right next to the hotel. Although it was closed for the season, I walked on and enjoyed the old style adventure rides. On the way back to the hotel I saw a quarter on the sidewalk. I stepped over it and then stopped in my tracks. I had a sudden flash of awareness, realizing that this was a “dream come true” for me!

As a little girl, I used to often dream of finding shiny coins on the sidewalk. This repetitive theme was one of my most favorite types of dreams because they gave me hope in the midst of some dark times.  Now, years later I was staying at the Dream Inn hotel next to an adventure park and making my own memorable moments within my lifetime.

As I picked up the quarter from the pavement my heart expanded with immeasurable gratitude. I was grateful for every experience of my life, for the dreams I had, for the challenges I had faced, for the unexpected changes to my plans, and for the present opportunity to be at the Institute of HeartMath’s training and certification program.

This was a heart-expanding moment I will never forgot and one that I almost stepped over. Instead, I listened to my heart and picked up the shiny new quarter and realized, “Dreams do come true!”