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Brain Tek Intro Package – 

Test drive the BRE program by receiving a full neuro-electrical assessment of your unique brain & bahavorial functioning. The introductory package includes a an assessment of 6 lobes of your brain, a neuro-transmitter report, a personalized sound therapy protocol and 1 hour of coaching. Your unique sound protocol is created by the Brain Tek Software. It is available to listen to for 24 hours! Experience a deeper relaxation, a clearer mind and a restoration of motivation and momentum!

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The Art of Letting Go Workshop & Webinar – 

In this 3 hour live workshop (for in-person attendance in Chicago) and webinar for remote participation, join Ronna on May 30, from 9 am to noon to learn how to use 2 essential missing ingredients to enhance any process of letting go of the past. GO TO STORE TO PURCHASE and REGISTER

The Art of Letting Go ~~ A Modern Mastery Workshop/Webinar

When: Saturday May 30, 2015 9 am to noon Central Daylight Time

Attend in person or online!

Internet (See below) OR In Person- Location: Backstrom Chiropractic Clinic, 496 Crescent Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Workshop Fee: $50, includes 10% discounts on products and 2 Follow-up Individual Sessions with Ronna

Space is limited for in-person attendance. Please register online to reserve your space at Backstrom Chiropractic

Title: The Art of Letting Go
Time: Saturday, May 30th  9:00am to Noon Central Daylight Time
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Event password: will be emailed upon registration
To attend online, visit:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 339751#

In this workshop/webinar you will:

Discover the 2 reasons why “letting go” techniques stop working or are only partially effective

Learn how to keep your momentum going by incorporating 2 fool-proof ways to enhance your progress with any other technique.

During the workshop, you will listen to a brain re-wiring sound protocol to facilitate releasing old patterns and you will receive instruction on an integrative energy modality that supports every aspect of your energy system as you make room for new patterns.

For detailed information or questions: please email me at

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Sacred Journey of the Heart DVD – 

Order Now in USA!  And Now Available Internationally in NTSC format (see below for international ordering, including Canada) On sale February 2015 only.. $5 0ff regular price! Now $14.99 plus S&H

Join us on a sacred journey of the heart with this 88 minute international-award winning film.

Led by inspirational teacher and intuitive counselor Ronna Prince, this heart journey will take you to the depths and the heavens, to the past and into the future with hope and deep understanding of how we are in the midst of creating the biggest shift of consciousness of all times in the PRESENT: Heart-based living.

For Orders outside of the USA, please purchase through Institute of Noetic Sciences:

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Inner Balance – 

The Inner Balance device connects to your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Ipod or Ipad and then to your earlobe to provide you with direct information about your heart rate coherence. It works with the free Inner Balance app. (Not available for other android phones.)

The Inner Balance app is an innovative approach to improving wellness through training, education and self-monitoring. It helps you change your reaction to stress, gain insights in your shifting moods and create a more positive outlook on life, while tracking your progress, journaling your accomplishments and sharing it with others.

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Sacred Journey of the Heart Theme Song – 

Theme Song for the film, Sacred Journey of the Heart.

Click here to download lyrics....

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emWave2® – 

emWave2® technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes. emWave technology collects pulse data through a pulse sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer or into easy to follow lights on the portable emWave2®. Used just a few minutes a day, this simple-to-use technology helps you transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into more peace, ease and clarity.

As you practice on the go or at your computer you increase your coherence baseline and your ability to take charge of your emotional reactions. Health, communication, relationships and quality of life improve.

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